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At some time, in some way, we must all face the end of life. And most of us share a common hope – that when death comes to us or to a loved one, it will be peaceful and free of pain. We hope to face death surrounded by those we love, feeling safe, comfortable and cared for.[1]

[1]     Living Lessons® - The GlaxoSmithKline Foundation and the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association (2001).

 Our vision is a not for profit organization that is committed to providing compassionate, holistic care to people with a terminal illness and their loved ones.  A facility that is able to address the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of people approaching death and provide support to family and close friends.  It offers expert pain and symptom management so that physical suffering is relieved. 


There is a self-contained room for each patient with a state of the art bed, individual temperature controls, a bathroom, closet and areas to place familiar personal objects.  There is a children’s play area, a commercial kitchen, a tub room, library and therapy (counselling) areas.  There are two or three self-contained family rooms so family members or larger groups can get some rest while staying near their loved one.  There is an indoor (all-season) garden and easy access to a fresh air experience; windows that open and easy access to outdoor green areas. 


There is a non-denominational spiritual area [chapel] for contemplation, prayer, gatherings and celebrations.  There are expert care providers [health practitioners, therapists, a social worker, spiritual care providers and others] who are committed to personalizing and humanizing the end of life experience. 


There is a large body of volunteers committed to the successful operation of the hospice who assist with individual care, raising awareness, advocating for support, raising capital and operational funds and who oversee the construction and operation of the hospice.  Community members, service clubs and NGOs, businesses and municipal and provincial governments are supportive.

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